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Milo & Jasper - dog trainingI have brought both my Shih Tuzs (Milo & Jasper)  to dog classes at Sit n' Stay since they were puppies. We have gone through all the basic obedience classes, Romp and Roll play groups, Boredom Busters, and now both have gone through the CGC and Community CGC classes. We are finishing up with the Urban CGC.  Its a great way to spend time with them. Our trainer is very knowledgeable and always willing to go the extra mile to work on issues you are having or spend time answering questions. You can see her passion to work with the dogs and help them have happy family lives.

- Renee Cerullo

CGC - dog training Buffalo NY - Tucker

Taking classes with Tucker has been the best experience for me and him. The instructors truly care about each and every dog and offer techniques that your dog responds to.  Recently we took the The Canine Good Citizen Urban class which was a great experience. Our trainer really makes every class fun and informative.

- Barbara C

SophieSophie has been a part of Sit n' Stays training program since she was 12 weeks old. Although every step has been an important part of her training, the Canine Good Citizen Urban class has been the most important class for her. This class puts their training in to the real world. I have been amazed at how well all of the dogs have adjusted to new situations! Sophie has been involved in therapy work at ECMC since she was 10 months old and has done exceptionally well but has needed work on her leash reactive behavior with other dogs. Sophie does very well in daycare situations but is more protective of her space when on leash...and not always very polite. Although she still has work to do, this class has been a huge step forward for her as she has had to learn to be polite with the other dogs. I must add that the other "dog moms" have been awesome in helping her to get to this point!!! But the true success to this class is our trainer! Her compassion and understanding of each individual dog has made this class successful! She is so patient with each dog and understands them all so well! Every class is a step forward in Sophie's journey towards therapy work. Every time she is with the trainers I see positive things happening! I feel Sophie has learned what is expected from her and she works hard to please her...and of course Sophie loves the class assistants too! They are with us at some of our classes and are just as positive and loving with the dogs! I am excited to continue on in this therapy dog journey and look forward to our time spent with the SNS team!

- Sue Cavanaugh

SadieI have used this service for a while now and I am never disappointed.   Our sitter is incredible, kind, loving and always goes beyond expectations!  We have started doing puppergarten with Saige and there are no words to express for our trainer also!  We have gained knowledge and training and body language that you don t even realize (and I have 3 others!) with dogs!  Thank you all for what you do!  We love you!

- Joan


Here is a picture of Luke after his first official therapy visit with the SPCA Paws for Love program. He’s so happy! Thanks for all your guidance!

- Laura Liz

SadieI wanted to update you on our Sadie’s progress. After finishing the family companion lessons with you in May, we have been coming to our Rushford summer place every weekend and just recently, a week of vacation. Sadie has done just great, there were a couple people, men, that she at first did not seem to like, but we were right there and distracted her when the person turned away. (That was when she would ‘go after’ some people, in our home.)

I would say for the past month Sadie has had excellent manners when meeting anyone who comes to our place at Rushford or our home, she will bark at strangers sometimes, but we are ok with just barking at strangers to alert us. Gary, Niall and I are still very aware of Sadie’s body language, intervening and keeping a close watch.

Sadie has ‘made up’ with our friend Nancy, Nancy was still very cautious around Sadie. After a couple of weekends of loving behavior from Sadie, Nancy relented and now enjoys Sadie’s good behavior attentions! Donna, our friend, is afraid of dogs and has also warmed right up to our Sadie. Sadie really has a very loving personality. She loves coming to the lake, knows all our friends and loves visiting them at their summer places.Sadie seems to like swimming in the lake too, and going for boat rides on our pontoon boat! Sadie has become one of the family even more since finishing the family companion course! We couldn’t be happier! Thank you so much for your expert advice and help! Gary, Niall and I love her very much!

- Karen and Gary Olson

MaebyOur SNS trainer really helped me when I was first learning how to train my dog reactive pup. She was great at explaining how to teach my dog behaviors to redirect her reactivity and focus on me. One great tool she gave me was the "look at me" technique. The training is always humane and positive! Which is very important when handling a reactive dog.

- Summer Ward


Kim, I didn’t really get a chance to thank you completely for the great job you and your instructors did with Mattie during the Family Companion class.  I really appreciate, and did not expect, the individual attention you gave us and the opportunities you gave me to ask dog-specific questions.  I also wanted to thank you for giving me the nudge to start crating Mattie.  It’s made a big difference, and given us all peace of mind.  Also your training on loose leash walking was an enormous help to me, and something I wish I would have known 15 years ago with our first Springer spaniel!

- Kathy Wilson

RyleeWe have been attending the flex level classes and confident canine classes with SNS trainers for several months now and they have helped us make huge improvements with our dog! We rescued our dog when she was almost a year old and she had no prior training. She was very excitable and reactive around new dogs and would often be unsure in new situations. It made our daily walks a nightmare because she would pull on leash, not listen to us, and bark at other dogs, bikes and other distractions. Since attending training classes through Sit n Stay, our walks are much more enjoyable now! The trainer has taught us how to calm our over-reactive dog and how to redirect her attention to positive behaviors. Our trainer is very knowledgeable and makes the training classes a lot of fun. With her help we were able to pass the Canine Good Citizen test, something I would have never thought possible before for us. I can't say enough good things about the SNS training team. They have helped us improve our bond with our dog and helped our dog become more confident and behaved especially in new situations.

 - Dana and Kevin Kawahara

ShadowI have a 1 year old, German Shepherd puppy, Shadow. When I got her, she was extremely shy, lacked confidence and was reactive in certain situations. Tie these issues in with uncontrollable energy I didn’t know what to do. I had gone to basic obedience classes at another location but she was still ‘out of control’. They weren’t offering the advanced training and behavior modification Shadow needed. Frustrated, exhausted and at my wits end – I reached out to your staff. Over the last 4 months your trainer has been able to provide me with tools to transform Shadow to a more confident and obedient dog. She has also helped build my confidence which in return helps Shadow in stressful situations. The trainer has been creative with how to manage, teach, and work with Shadow. Shadow now can go in social situations, greet people, and play happily with other dogs and we owe all of this to you! If you are looking to have your dream pet I highly recommend SNS. The trainers have a variety of tools, know how to use them and I feel no job is too big or small for them. A pet should be a joyous addition to your life, call SNS if you don’t feel this way!

- Danielle Tallman

MollyWe brought Molly into our family, because we heard that English Bulldogs were typically low energy. Boy were we wrong! Working with SNS over the last two years has helped us not only find outlets for Molly's energy, but help her become an amazing companion!

- Jonathan, Lynsey & Molly D.