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What Our Clients Say About Us

Here are just a few of the many wonderful comments we get about our service. Every client is asked to fill out a survey after completion of service so that we can make sure we maintain superb quality and care. These comments are taken from those surveys.

Brent and Cindy S.

Great service and we will be using you again!

Betsy and Gary A.

Our sitter does a great job and we would recommend her and the SNS service to anyone.

Linda B.

I wish I’d known about this service years ago. Helped to make my vacation totally relaxing!

Andrea V.

Thank you for your services, they are great, convenient and make me rest at ease while away.

Janet B.

I have been EXTREMELY pleased with your services. Your team of pet sitters, for me, has been extraordinary. After returning home the first thing I do after greeting my cats is read their report card from the pet sitter. I LOVE the time they take to write down such thoughtful comments. Their words are not generic, but specific to my cats personalities so I know they have taken the time to get to know each cat individually. A Buffalo sitter most recently watched my cats while they were staying with a friend in the City of Buffalo, but I have had the same fantastic experience when a Northtown sitter watched my cats at my home in Lancaster. I am so glad I found Sit n’ Stay Pet Services.

Joe & Barb N.

Our sitter did a very good job and we will feel much better about leaving our pet next time we need to get away.

Jessica P.

I want to thank SNS for taking such wonderful care of Nash and Cruz for this extended period of time while we were away. It made our trip easier to know out sitter was there with them and everything was handled extremely well by her.
Thanks again for your services!!

Pam F.

Do not know how to download survey but I can tell you everything was excellent . I would recommend you to all my friends with animals. My sitters were tops. I give them both 10’s. They wrote me notes to tell me what they did, how the animals were . Price is great . Wonderful alternative to a kennel. She even turned the ac on so the animals were comfortable and so were we when we got home. I will be calling you for our trip in December. See you then and thanks again for everything.

Larry & Chris G.

Hi Kim,
Just a quick note to let you know we’re extremely happy with out sitter as part-time guardian of our cats. She always takes care of all the pet-related stuff & also the mail, empty garbage cans by the road & plant watering, etc. We never worry about the cats when we’re away.

Jamie G.

The “report” that was left for me was very informative. I was able to know how things went without being there and despite my dog being a pest at times, it seemed that the sitter had control and even managed to go above and beyond my expectations with him. Also, knowing that my very anti-social cats were willingly out and playful, I’m impressed.
I’m so happy to have been referred to you! It’s a huge weight off my chest to know that my animals will be taken care of to my standards when I ever need to be away for too long.

Earl & Debby Z.

Good morning, just wanted to thank you for sending our substitute sitter in to sub for our regular sitter, she is fantastic with our three Goldens and has a true love for the dogs. You have two great people working for you. Thanks again.

Debbie M.

I am so happy with your service! Our sitter thought we were out of cat food last time we were out of town and texted me to ask what kind of food Riley ate so she could go and buy some. Luckily we had some and she missed it, but that’s how caring she is. She always buys him toys!n I love your service. Please feel free to use me as a reference! Thank you for all you do!

Kim and Bob K. and Zoe and Kirby

We are so pleased to have your service. We look forward to many more trips, now that we have a good service to take care of the dogs. Looking forward to our next trip in August!!!!

Janie Z.

You’re company was referred to me at a time when Hershey was ill and it was difficult to find anyone who had the skills or experience to care for her. The “professional” pet sitter that I was using then did not feel comfortable with learning how to infuse Hershey and said she wouldn’t do it for her own cat, who needed it. We parted on good terms, but I was frantic. I was referred to you by someone I prefer not to name because she could get in trouble at her job, but she told me she had heard good things about your company and she was RIGHT!!! Thank you!!!!

Phyllis S.

We are 100% satisfied customers!

Charlene M.

We feel that we don’t have to worry about our animals when we are traveling which is a big compliment. We know that things are and will be taken care of and that we would be contacted if necessary.

Sandra W.

I have complete confidence in your service which is so reassuring when I’m traveling. I think you go above and beyond with the sitter notes and household needs such as taking in the mail, watering the plants, cleaning up messes, etc. Thank you Kim, and the others who have helped us in the past. You are a great service!!

Nancy & Sharon Gerbracht

I just wanted to send you a letter to thank you for the amazing service your service provides and particularly our dog walker.  She is a true professional and a great representative for your service. She gives our French Bulldog such good care that we are never worried when we request her services.

Our walker spent every day for a week at our house when we were on vacation giving Gizmo his afternoon attention and love and giving us peace of mind. She is also our go to when we have evening plans and need a dog sitter to come in and spend time with Gizmo. When we come home he is happy and relaxed. She sends us a text so we know she has been with him and fills out a form that provides us details of her visit. But most importantly, Gizmo loves her!!

Thank you for such great service. We are pleased to use your dog walking services and would highly recommend her as an outstanding member of your team.