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Dog School

An ALL Year Round Dog School Program during the day!

This is NOT a doggie daycare program! While it is a day time, drop off program which has hours similar to dog daycare, those are the only similarities! Think about a drop off program for your dog with less group dog play, more structure and focused on manners, training, games and enrichment!

All of our school options are programs that provide a fun-filled and well-rounded day of:

  • mental enrichment
  • formal training 
  • play time
  • rest time
  • and real-world experiences

*Enrollment in Dog Day School is open to most dogs, and is a great fit for dogs of any age. We find many dogs that did not fit well or were overwhelmed in a traditional dog daycare setting love the structure and mental enrichment of our programs. HOWEVER, our Dog School program is not meant for dogs with behavioral issues or aggression toward other dogs. Dogs must be able to be in a group setting (not necessarily interacting) and be friendly toward all humans.

Due to the size of our facility and the nature of how we work with the dogs, we are only able to provide tours by appointment. Thank you for your understanding. Dog School size is limited! We work with the dogs individually, and have approximately a 8:1 dog:staff ratio! 

All dogs are enrolled in Dog School by semester, but once they are in School - their programs may differ due to age, skill, interests and learning style. 

Our program runs by 12 week semesters and entrance into Dog School reserves your space on the days/times you enroll for. 

Options are:

  • 2 days per week 
  • 3 days per week 
  • 4 days per week - Monday through Thursday

We don't offer daily rates for our Dog School program. We want you and your dog to benefit from the consistency we know your dog needs. Once you have registered for your Dog School semester - that spot is reserved for YOU on your set days for the entire semester. No more having to remember to schedule the dog - think about it as similar to child care. Set it up once and forget it - EASY!

We do however offer daily rates for our Dog School Enrichment program. This program ensures your dog can attend Dog School and gain the benefit of smaller group sizes, individual attention and lots of fun, play and enrichment, but does not include training exercises. Click here for a Dog School Enrichment application!


  • Puppy Prep 1
  • Puppy Prep 2
  • Adolescent Pup 1
  • Adolescent Pup 2
  • Adolescent Pup 3
  • Primary School
  • more grades soon to come!


Dog School Program tuition includes (Dog School Enrichment excluded):

  • Classroom and real world training
  • One 6 week in person group class
  • Online and on-demand basic obedience course
  • Age and skill appropriate curriculum
  • Two 30-minute 1:1 parent-teacher conferences per semester to review progress and answer questions. Discuss any issues or concerns in this private session and get the answers and support you need. (Only available for 4 day per week attendees.)
  • Access to our private FB page. (Get support, tips and tricks from our expert trainers and connect with other Dog School parents!)
  • Free puppy play for puppies until 7 months of age
  • Weekly report cards

To speak with one of our Trainers about our Dog School Programs - sign up here for a free Game Plan Call!

More Information: 

Paw Icon  Puppy Prep Programs

For puppies 10 weeks to 12 months 

Puppies have special needs, so they need a special program. Our Puppy Prep School is designed and run by Certified Professional Dog Trainers (CPDT) to specifically meet all the needs of your puppy. Because our puppies are all different and have all different needs at various socialization periods, each puppy must have their own customized program to meet these needs. We’ve got you!

As trainers, we know it can be overwhelming to properly socialize your puppy, work on grooming and handling, obedience, house training, real world situations and more!  Our programs cover that and more!

Paw Icon  Adolescent Pup

For dogs 12-24 months 

Just like puppies, adolescents have special needs, so they need a special program too! Our Adolescent Pup is designed and run by Certified Professional Dog Trainers (CPDT) to specifically meet all the needs of your adolescent dog. Adolescence is often when we see those adorable puppies growing up to test your nerves! They start to push boundaries, "forget" what they've previously mastered, require more physical and mental exercise needs and explore their world - forgetting that you exist! This program helps you stay consistent and meet all those special needs your pup has at this age. We’ve got you!

For new clients to enter our programs:

$60 Initial Evaluation-

  • includes 1/2 day of Dog School (either from 9-12 or 1-4pm) Must be scheduled in advance. 
  • we'll help you figure out the right program for your pup!