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About Sit n' Stay

Sit n' Stay has a dog training location in Orchard Park, NY, but we offer dog walking and private training lessons to most of Erie County. Our dog walkers are spread out so that they can service the area closest to them.

Kim Sauer - pet sitting, dog school, Hamburg NYHow We Got Started

After leaving the corporate world in 2001, Kim turned her hobby of pet-sitting and dog-training into a career. Realizing the need for pet sitters in this area, Sit n' Stay was started in the summer of 2002.

At Sit n' Stay, we use all positive reinforcement methods and stay up-to-date on the latest techniques and trends by attending conferences and seminars for both dog training and pet sitting. Our entire staff is trained initially and on-going through our exclusive Sit n' Stay Academy (our platform of knowledge and hands-on training program for pet professionals) as well as Pet First Aid trained.

At Sit n' Stay, we utilize these and other materials to provide you and your pet with the most effective methods, techniques and care. We believe in quality service and high standards. Through our memberships and associations we have a wealth of knowledge and access to all the latest in the industry trends. All members of our staff share a deep commitment to our customers satisfaction. We are hard working, professional, and discreet with our clients. We take our profession, reputation, and attention to service seriously.

Your Safety and Security is Our #1 Priority!

Here at Sit n' Stay, everything we do has the customer in mind. 

Your information will never be shared with any outside companies, mailing, or email lists. Any information we receive about you, whether in our registration meeting, phone conversations, or from being in your home, remains completely confidential. 

For Training: Our methods take both dog and owner into consideration. Our methods are designed to be Fear Free for both the dog and the owner! Did you know there's actually a FEAR FREE CERTIFICATION? Yep... we've got it! That means that we're not going to create fear, stress or anxiety with any of our methods. Often times, forceful training methods can make a behavior problem worse, or possibly even hide or mask the problem - so the dog appears to be "fixed"... but they've just learned that pain happens if they don't do what'e expected... they still have the underlying fear or anxiety and the problem comes out when they can't control themselves any longer. Unfortunately I've seen this too many times. It's heart breaking. 

Our entire team is committed to our rewards based methods - but that doesn't mean your dog will use treats/toys/etc forever! But we do hope you reward your dog for their lifetime (that's right... rewards are LOVE, attention, play, outings, toys and yes - treats too!) We teach much more than basic manners and obedience at our classes - we look at the dog as a whole and help give you their operating manual! 

For Pet Sitting & Dog Walking: We use lockboxes to ensure your keys stay safely on your property. When a lockbox is not possible, we code all keys with a system internal to our office, so that in the event any of our keys were lost or stolen, they would not be traceable to you. However, if we are keeping your key, they are locked in our office until your scheduled service begins. 

Every service that you book with us is scheduled with the latest and most up to date booking system for our industry. You have your own login and password to see scheduled visits, add or change your scheduled visits, communicate with the office and your sitters and see pictures and journals from the visit.

In addition to all the attention to detail listed above, we also have a long list of safety precautions our pet sitters take when in your home and caring for your pets. 


Not all certifications are created equal. The dog training industry is largely un-regulated - no formal training is required. Scary right?! Which means it is up to the individual trainer to seek out their own education. Some programs will give a certification after a paid course completion. Here at SNS we are rabid learners - so education is a priority for us. Kim Sauer has acquired several independent certifications (not attached to a paid course) and has taken so many additional courses and programs (there are too many to list them all!). We are happy to say that our staff also shares many of these certifications as well as receiving training through our own Sit n Stay Academy. If someone is not interested in acquiring knowledge, this is not the right fit for them! We study and learn so that we can give you the condensed version of the important information you need for your family. Come train with us and see the difference!

CPDT-KA - Certified Professional Dog Trainer (Knowledge Assessed)

Fear Free Certified Trainer

Family Paws Licensed Educator

Pet Tech Master Instructor

AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator (STAR Puppy, Community Canine, Urban, Tricks, etc)

CATCH Canine Academy Mentor Trainer

Animal Behavior College Mentor Trainer