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Dog School Enrichment Assistant

Why Work at Sit n Stay Dog Training? 

At Sit n Stay Dog Training, we're more than just a team; we're a community of passionate dog lovers dedicated to making a difference.
We offer:

  • A nurturing environment where dog friendly techniques reigns supreme.
  • Opportunities for professional growth and development.
  • A collaborative atmosphere with mentors who truly care.
  • Flexible schedules to maintain a healthy work-life balance (we are open Monday through Thursday, 7am-6pm).

MISSION: The Dog School Enrichment Assistant's mission is to enhance canine lives through tailored, dog friendly training techniques, foster trust and satisfaction among pet owners, and actively contribute to Sit n Stay Dog Training's growth and community engagement.

Job Description General Summary
The Dog School Enrichment Assistant is responsible for the supervision, control, management and activities of Dog School dogs participating in enrichment and training activities and ensuring the safety of the dogs. The assistant will ensure the appropriate and safe use of all enrichment equipment and obstacles. The Dog School Enrichment Assistant maintains the Kennel Room, provides relief to dogs when needed and works closely with the Dog School Enrichment Counselors. Additionally, the assistant is responsible for the maintenance and cleaning of the playrooms, enrichment rooms, dog room, outside area and equipment as well as other areas of the facility as assigned. The Dog School Enrichment Assistant works under the supervision of and reports to the Dog School Manager.


  • Proficient in positive reinforcement training methods (or willing to learn).
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal abilities.
  • Tech-savvy for managing client records and social media engagement.
  • Empathetic, with a strong understanding of canine body language and behavior.
  • Collaborative mindset and a commitment to ongoing learning.


  • Passionate about dogs and dedicated to their well-being.
  • Client-focused and committed to building lasting relationships.
  • Adaptable, open to feedback, and a proactive problem solver.
  • Ethical, aligned with the company's reward based training philosophy.
  • Team player, ready to support colleagues and contribute to joint success.


  • Implement specialized reward based training programs.
  • Engage actively with dog owners to communicate progress and provide education.
  • Collaborate with the team to ensure a consistent training approach.
  • Monitor and assess training progress, suggesting necessary adjustments.
  • Support business development and participate in community outreach.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest reward based dog training methods.

Are you ready to transform your passion for dogs into a career that makes a genuine difference? Can you envision being the positive force in the lives of both pets and their owners? If so, we want to hear from you.

APPLY NOW and be part of the Sit n Stay Dog Training family, where every bark is a step towards a happier, well-trained canine life.

Additional Information:

Examples of Primary Duties 

  1. Dog Enrichment & Management

    1. Prepare enrichment supplies, equipment and rooms for daily activities as planned by Dog School Manager.

    2. Execute scheduled enrichment activities as assigned.

    3. Document enrichment session progress and results for each dog for preparation of report cards.

    4. Clean enrichment equipment and rooms.

    5. Provide potty breaks and exercise for dogs as assigned. Potty area visits should be a minimum of 5 minutes per dog per session (3 potty area visits per day). Document report card of each potty break. Clean up after dogs.

    6. Provide care (brushing, lunch, medications, etc) or potty breaks to dogs as assigned.

    7. Maintain each pet’s crate/area to ensure that the dog has water and the room is clean and dry.

    8. Perform exercise/enrichment sessions and give treats as assigned. Be sure to sign off on the exercise & treat schedules and each dog’s report that tasks have been completed.

    9. Ensure that potty area and room areas are clean at end of assignment.

    10. Plan how dogs will be put in enclosures for meals in accordance to procedure. Consult Dog School Manager if you have concerns on being able to put all dogs away properly.

    11. Review information on whiteboard(s) in dog room and in playroom before start of shift and comply with instructions. Review dog profile of any dog you do not know prior to starting shift.

    12. Complete dog incident reports timely when required. If you are not sure whether a report is required check with Dog School Manager.

    13. Complete maintenance or repair reports as needed. Immediately report any out of stock items to Dog School Manager.

  2. Dog Interaction (with Dog School Manager or Dog School Counselors)

    1. Interact with dogs in playgroups using appropriate toys and tools to ensure safe levels of play and minimizing stress levels of all dogs in playgroup. Maintain visual observation of dogs at all times and spread attention and play among all dogs in playgroup.

    2. Control level of play by following dog management and control procedures and instructions provided by Dog School Manager.

    3. Use proper dog handling techniques including use of kennel leads to transfer dogs.

    4. Use proper dog introduction procedures.

    5. Use appropriate praise and dog redirection methods.

    6. Ensure you know all dogs in playgroup and can properly identify them. If not, request assistance from Dog School Manager. Use paper id collars to identify dogs that are similar in appearance.

    7. Watch all new dogs carefully and immediately consult with Dog School Manager if you have concerns. For all dogs in playgroup; report any unusual behavior, or eliminations and injuries to the Dog School Manager immediately.

    8. Review special needs list and manage dogs as instructed. Complete the maintenance report for all dogs.

    9. Ensure staff that relieve you for break or shift change know all dogs in group, the special needs dog status and any unusual behaviors or concerns you have been managing during your shift. If the next shift staff is not available, update the Dog School Manager before leaving.

  3. Floater and Cleaning Duties 

    1. Complete floater duties as needed and assigned by Dog School Manager. Turn in completed checklist at end of shift. Advise management of any incomplete duties that will need attention from the next staff.

    2. Complete cleaning duties as assigned and indicate proper completion by signing the Cleaning Checklist.

    3. Maintenance potty areas in accordance to procedures.

    4. Report supplies needed to Dog School Manager prior to running completely out of item.

    5. In the event of a dog incident or emergency, notify Dog School Manager immediately. If there is no Manager on duty, contact management at home immediately. If you do not reach them, contact a Pet Care Coordinator. If no one is reached follow emergency procedures.

    6. Enforce Company policies regarding approved drop-off and pick-up times.

    7. Contact management to approve an unexpected client drop-off. Do not allow unknown persons into property after hours. Staff visitors are not allowed in premises during or after hours without prior approval from management.

    8. In the event you note unknown persons on the grounds that are disturbing you and/or dogs or damaging property, call the police. If immediate danger is a concern call 911, if not use the police non-emergency number. Complete an incident report for management.

  4. Miscellaneous

    1. Take pictures of dogs and put on social media as instructed by Dog School Manager or Level 2 Enrichment Coordinator.

    2. Assist with Check In & Out or product purchases as needed.

Job & Equipment Requirements:

  • Writing

  • Reading

  • Proofreading

  • Lifting over 25 lbs

  • Carrying over 25 lbs

  • Bending

  • Manual Dexterity

  • Standing

  • Walking

  • Personal Computer (ability to use)

  • iPad (ability to use)

  • Calculator (ability to use)

  • Telephone (ability to use)

  • Vacuum Cleaner, Mop & Broom (ability to use)

  • 2 way radio (ability to use)

  • Typing

  • Data Input

Minimum Experience, Skills, Certification or Academic Background Required:

  1. High school graduate or GED

  2. Good oral communication skills

  3. Previous work experience demonstrating dependability

  4. Previous work experience providing animal care

  5. Proven ability to have dogs respond to training cues and basic understanding of positive dog training reinforcement methods

  6. Self-motivated, independent worker

  7. Proven ability to follow instructions and learn new things

  8. Ability to work in a team environment

  9. Demonstrated flexibility and proven coping skills