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Day Training Packages

Dog Training - Sit n Stay Pet Services - Orchard Park, West Seneca What is Day Training?

Day Training Programs are different.

Different in that we give you the "Easy" Button.

Our trainers do the training, so you don't have to. We know not everyone wants to be a trainer and learn about learning theory, proper timing, reward schedules, different training techniques, phasing out rewards, and on and on! But we DO! We LOVE that stuff!! So let us do the heavy lifting and then show you how easy life with your pup can be!

Our Day Training programs are perfect for obedience, manners and behavior modification. We work on the skills with your dog 3, 4 or 5 days per week, and then have once weekly transfer sessions with you, to show you how to maintain what we've worked on.

Let us do the training for you. Come home to a well behaved dog!

Why Day Training Programs?Dog Training - Buffalo NY

  • best for people with busy schedules and lives
  • for clients that don't want to be trainers (and that's OK!!!!)
  • quicker training results
  • take the stress out of training
  • no learning curve on your end makes it easier on your pup
  • more peaceful household!

Our Day Training Packages include:

  • Training Sessions (we work solo with the dog)
  • Transfer Sessions (we work with you to transfer the skills)
  • Follow up Sessions (after our training to keep you on track)
  • Private Facebook classroom for students only
  • Online 6-8 week programs
  • Weekly group video check ins
  • Easy access to questions and feedback
  • Coaching that fits your needs and your goals
  • Weekly support
  • Tons of value! Limited Spaces! Call today!

Our programs vary in number of sessions per week and length of the program depending on the existing skills, behavior problems or goals we are working toward. Contact us (716-822-3287 or [email protected]) to see if Day Training is the right option for you!