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7 Products All Dog Owners Need to Know About
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7 Products All Dog Owners Need to Know About

Getting a new puppy can be one of the most exciting memories a child (or even some adults) can have. However, similar to having a child, a new pet requires learning how to take care of that pet and purchasing the proper items to do so. Here are 10 products that all new dog owners need to know about and use.


When babies first start crawling, their parents will often put baby gates in front of the stairs, and other places they don’t want their baby to go. This same concept applies to dogs, even if you are doing it for a different reason. Block off areas of the house where you don’t want dog to “mess up” or spread hair.


Have you ever been to a friends house and noticed that all of their furniture looks like a dog has chewed on it? Then you realize that is actually what happened? Don’t be that friend. There are sprays available that taste and smell awful to the dog. When the dog tries to chew on something with the spray, he will likely never do it again.

Poop Scoop

Responsible dog owners are required to clean up their dogs poop when it occurs in public places and neighbors yards. A small pooper scooper makes the task much less unenjoyable and clean. Your neighbors will be much more understandable of your new pet if they notice you taking the time to properly clean up.

Dog Shampoo

Dogs get into smelly situations. If you didn’t know that then you are in for a treat. Unless you want your house to smell like whatever stinky situation your dog last got itself into, dog shampoo would be a great idea. Many people try to just use human shampoo, or no shampoo on dogs, but both have issues. No shampoo will not remove germs, and likely will not remove the smell. Human shampoo has actually been proven to be unhealthy for dogs skin and you may deal with lots of scratching, itching, and misery if the dog turns out to be sensitive.

Home Warranty

Seem unrelated? Ten minutes after getting that energetic animal into your home you will realize why this could be important. Dogs break things. It just happens. Home warranties insure things in your home that could break. Your stress levels will go down significantly if you know some of those items your dog is playing around are insured.


This is especially important with new dogs or puppies. Few things are as devastating to children as losing a pet. There are a couple different ways to do this, including microchips and i.d. tags. Make sure to have a name, phone number, and address and to always keep these updated. When your dog disappears you will feel a lot better knowing that eventually a nice person will find them and call the number on the collar.


Dogs, and especially puppies, love to play. That is half of the reason that we love them so much. If you don’t have any lawn space for them to play on you will quickly discover that they will play wherever they get placed, and that can lead to a lot of broken items. If your lawn is small that is still no problem. You can make your lawn entertaining to a dog with just a few dollars with items like dog toys, sandboxes, digging pits, etc. Try to make sure that there is enough room for the puppy to get running up to full speed.

The last thing all pet owners should know about is our service! We offer dog walking, training, pet sitting, and more services to pet owners.