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Tips for Homeowners with Pets
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Tips for Homeowners with Pets

Most animal lovers would agree that a house without pets doesn’t feel much like a home. But maintaining your home with pets inside can be somewhat of a challenge. If you want to keep up the value of your home, while also making sure that your pets are happy and healthy, there are certain steps to follow. Frequent cleaning, some basic maintenance and mindfulness of the materials in your home can all help maintain your property value and the happiness of everyone in the home, pets included.


Keeping your home clean can be difficult when you have pets, especially dogs. As your dogs track inside and out, going out for walks and potty breaks, they’ll often carry in dirt on their paws. Teaching a dog to wipe his paws is not the easiest thing, but keeping a towel or package of wet wipes near the door is simple. When your dog comes in after a particularly muddy or wet day, simply wipe their paws once they’re inside. If you begin this habit when they’re a puppy, they will likely get used to it and not mind the process at all. Many dog owners become used to a doggy smell and may not always notice when their beloved canine needs a bath. It’s best to bathe them regularly with a quality dog shampoo to prevent them spreading their dog smell to your furniture and carpets. Also, frequently wash your dog’s bedding.

Consider Pet Friendly Materials When Making Changes

If you’re doing any renovations to your home, it can be a great idea to think of your pets when deciding on materials. Choosing hardwood, laminate or tile floors over carpet can save a lot of scrubbing and stain issues in the future. Always research the warranty that comes with your new flooring. You may pay more upfront for quality flooring, but if it’s within your budget, buying high quality flooring means a better and longer warranty against stains and scratches from pet damage. Having durable floors will also go a long way in keeping up the value of your home. The new cork flooring is also a great option for many years of pet use with little wear and tear. If you’re shopping for furniture, it’s a good idea to buy things that are easy to clean and won’t show pet hair. Darker colored fabrics that will hide stains, along with leather which is easy to wipe, are usually good choices for homes with dogs and cats. Some people even go so far as to match their new sofa to the color of their pet’s hair so it doesn’t show up so much on the furniture.

Keeping Your Home Clean with Pets

If you have hard floors, keeping them clean will be quite easy. A simple dust mop, used daily or several times a week, will keep the stray hairs picked up. If you have carpet in the home, a little more work will be required to keep it clean and free from odors. It’s a good idea to spend the money on a quality vacuum. They may cost more up front, but there is nothing worse than running a vacuum over your carpet only to find that it’s still covered with pet hair. It’s also essential to clean up any accidents quickly so they aren’t left to stain the carpet fabric. Keep a carpet cleaning foam that is designed to work with your particular carpet and clean up pet messes as soon as you discover them. It’s also a great idea to call in professional steam cleaners once or twice a year to freshen up the carpets and remove any residual stains and dirt. Using a sticky lint roller works really well for removing hair from most fabric furniture. If your dog or cat likes to lay in a particular spot on your sofa, you can put down a blanket that can be picked up and washed frequently.

Having pets in your home makes it feel cozy and warm, and it means you always have someone who’s happy to greet you each time you walk through the door. With a few simple cleaning and maintenance routines, along with mindfulness of the items you keep in your home, you can maintain the value of your home while also ensuring that everyone is happy and well.