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Can a Dog Be Your Soulmate?
Mary Jamison 2758

Can a Dog Be Your Soulmate?

When someone says they’re met their soulmate, everyone knows what they’re talking about. They’ve met someone they’re deeply connected to, someone who compliments their life perfectly, who accepts them and loves them just as they are.

When you think about it, those are the same qualities you find in most dogs!

By nature dogs are sweet souls who look at you with big, loving eyes. They wag their tails and do the happy dance when you arrive back home. They are content to snuggle with you on the couch or play a game of fetch. They never judge you, are terrific listeners, and love you unconditionally.

Dogs are hardwired to be our soulmates. But if you’ve had more than one dog, you may have found one who means even more to you than all those wonderful qualities, a dog who holds a very special place in your heart. I don’t call those dogs soulmates. To me, they’re Heart Dogs.

Just about everyone that knows me has heard me talk about my Heart Dog, Blaze. You are very lucky to have a Heart Dog in your life. Some of us even get to have more than one. I personally think there's only one true Heart Dog. The others become a close second or third, but I think the first time you think a dog is a Heart Dog, it’s probably the real deal; the one that opens your heart to a relationship and a love you didn't know existed. Like having your first child, it's a love that can't be explained.

As it is with all relationships, even the most treasured ones, even Heart Dogs can test you. Sometimes you don't know they're your Heart Dog yet, or you think, "This dog is testing me so much I don't know that we'll ever have THAT kind of relationship."

And man, Heart Dogs can test you in ways you never thought were possible!

They'll test your resolve and test your patience. They'll test whether you're the type of person to stick it through with a dog or take the easy solution and re-home. They'll test your relationship with other family and household members. And they'll test everything you know about yourself.

They can make you question if maintaining this relationship is something you can do.

Well, let me tell you, you can do it. I know because I've been there, too.

When I met Blaze as a puppy, our eyes locked and I knew I found my Heart Dog. There was no question. I had to have this dog in my life. I knew she was meant to be with me.

What I failed to realize is that she was MY Heart Dog, not my husband’s. Oh yeah...he lived with me, too!

Life for the first few months was NOT easy. It was hard, very hard. She tested me, she tested him...and he didn't respond well. He didn't have the relationship with her that I felt. We fought. Repeatedly. I tried to follow advice from others. I took classes, I tried equipment, I tried force...I tried so. many. things.

My husband was at his breaking point and wanted to give her back to the breeder. I wasn't ready to give up. Sometimes she was so great!

And then I hit my breaking point too...or I thought I did.

I realized I wasn't at my breaking point with her.

I was at my breaking point with all the things that weren't working and

all the advice I heeded that was getting us nowhere.

“Rotties are tough, so you need to be tough,” they told me. I followed their advice and all it got us was misery.

Then I started trusting MYSELF.

I began using the skills and training I had learned years earlier. And IT WORKED! My dog responded wonderfully and I got my sweetheart back. I taught my husband and it worked for him too!

We began to flow together in the household. We started to respect each other. The fighting stopped. The struggle stopped. It all started to work. And then it was awesome. No more fighting. Peace!

I can help you get through this.

I know because I've been there.

I know because I figured it out and I can help you.

It may not always be easy, but it’s simple, you just have to know what steps to take.

I can't wait to guide you.